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The Gates of Edgehill Origin Story

Oct 30,2018

Recently, Caribbean Insider published a story about our unique mid-luxury housing development. It told the story of how these remarkable new homes came to be. Starting as the dream of one man, it has grown into an international venture tempered by devotion, admiration, and a true love for Jamaica.

The article begins with a brief insight into the financier of the project, David Morrison of Morrison Financial. Having already financed new housing developments in Cuba and Jamaica, Lead Principal of Edgehill Homes Rollyn Bennett knew Mr. Morrison’s Canadian financial firm might be interested in funding such a project. Although the agreement took nearly a decade to come to fruition, The Gates of Edgehill found the funds for which it had been searching.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Mr. Bennett’s son, Adrian, had gained an internship at Morrison Financial years earlier. Having proved himself a highly capable asset to Mr. Morrison, Adrian was hired on and quickly worked his way up the ladder. By the time The Gates of Edgehill became a reality he was an accomplished Director of Business and was charged with overseeing that the right construction company was hired to build these new homes.

Having chosen Complete Development Solutions, a local Jamaican company, the project began to move at a highly efficient pace. Now with 108 beautiful mid-luxury homes already built, and the rest slated for completion in 2020, the future is looking very bright for The Gates of Edgehill indeed.

Rollyn Bennett is beyond pleased with how the new housing development is progressing and is excited to be able to give the Jamaican diaspora community a way to come back home in style. Not only are these new houses for sale a great investment opportunity to add value to Jamaica’s real-estate market, but they’re perfect for anybody who’s looking to spend time in Jamaica during their retirement. Whether as a permanent home, or a vacation home, The Gates of Edgehill presents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, while giving back to the community of St. Mary.