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Enriching our Community - The Boscobel Infant School

Mar 30,2018

We’ve always believed in supporting the communities our developments are built in. After all, we are members of those communities too. And what better way is there to give back to a community than by improving the lives of its children? This is why Edgehill Homes proudly donated 100% of the cost to build a kindergarten next to the primary school just 3 km from the Gates of Edgehill, and ensured that annual donations to support the school will continue, stewarded by Food For The Poor Jamaica. By purchasing a home at The Gates of Edgehill, residents are supporting the Boscobel Infant School Project, and can take pride in knowing that they are doing their part to help create a better future for Jamaica.


CORRECTION: The video references Gates of Edgehill will be a “strata corporation” (1:37), this is incorrect. Gates of Edgehill will be divided into lots to obtain individual titles (also known as splinter titles) for each lot, and the creation of the Gates of Edgehill Homeowners Association Limited.